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Abstract: Contextualizing C. S. Lewis’ Christian Libertarianism (Urban)

Title: Contextualizing C. S. Lewis’ Christian Libertarianism: Engaging Dyer and Watson and Beyond

Author: David V. Urban

Abstract: Analyzes C. S. Lewis’ Christian libertarianism by engaging important recent scholarship on Lewis’ natural law-based political thought and by considering both Lewis’ place within Christian classical liberal/libertarian thought since the late eighteenth century and how his insights are germane to contemporary political and ethical controversies.

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Abstract: Christian Libertarianism (Hubner)

Title: Christian Libertarianism: An Introduction and Signposts for the Road Ahead

Author: Jamin Hübner

Abstract: Explicit discourse about “Christian libertarianism” is a relatively recent phenomenon. While relevant concepts have been elucidated throughout scattered publications and private initiatives in the past century, there remains little by way of coherent summary. There are also a number of related subject areas needing clarification and development. This article seeks to ameliorate the situation by attempting to define “Christian libertarianism” and then exploring a number of relevant topics that might need fresh attention.

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